Mtv Love School S04 Top 5 Couples| Who will be winner?

Finally in the episode of Mtv Love School Season 4, in the judgement nght two couples got eliminated from the show – Pratik Sehagpal and Vishakha Raghav, Laxya and Deepali. In this episode 17 there are 5 couples who made up to the TOP 5 couples of the Mtv Love School Season 3. It’s confirmed that one of this couples is going to win this show. There are 5 couples:-

  1. Aviral Gupta and Christeena
  2. Madhav and Khushi
  3. Ujjawal and Aditi
  4. Sakshi and Mohit
  5. Nitin and Divya
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Mtv Love School 4 will be starting to be telecast from the 23rd February 2019 only on MTV India.