Roadies Revolution Episode 28: Pratibha Kaul got saved with a star✳

Mtv Roadies Revolution episode 28 of 28th November 2020 watch online, written update, download HD. In the episode of mtv roadies revolution where the contestants were standing for the elimination, they voted out Pratibha kaul by 6 votes which was the direct ticket to home for pratibha. Now here Arushi chawla was happy that her sworn enemy Pratibha Kaul is finally gonna get home after the eviction this week. But Arushi chawla’s happiness doesn’t lasted long, as she was saved by the gang leader Neha Dhupia who wanted to save her gang captain.

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roadies revolution
roadies revolution

Neha Dhupia had the 2 star on her badge then after saving Pratibha kaul from the vote out in the episode 28 of the mtv roadies revolution 2020. Now, when Pratibha was saved from the elimination she is going to compete against other to become the mtv roadies revolution winner 2020.

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