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Alia bhatt’s Sadak 2 gets 5m+ dislikes, #SSR fans targets for 10m

Everyone in India and outside India are sad and confused of sudden dismiss of most talented self-made Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput (SSR). Its been almost 2 months but yet no culprit is arrested or convicted. As if now the case is passed on to CBI and we hope that they may catch the murderer of Sushant Singh Rajput. As we all know that Sushant was the victim of Nepotism in the bollywood and he wanted to make friends in bollywood or attend their parties but he was not invited cuz of Nepotism. Now, Sushant Singh’s fans are very angry on Mahesh bhatt, Alia bhatt and bollywood.

Alia bhatt’s Sadak 2 gets 5m+ dislikes, #SSR fans targets for 10m

The Sadak 2 movie trailer has been released just 16 hours ago and till now it has received 280k likes and 5 million dislikes.

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We can see the angry of #SSR fans that have flooded Alia bhatt’s Sadak 2 movie trailer comments section with around 355000+ negative comments and also her movie Sadak 2 trailer has received more than 5 million+ dislikes on Youtube. Now Sushant Singh Rajput’s fans are targeting 10 million dislikes. The Sadak 2 movie trailer has been released just 16 hours ago and till now it has received 280k likes and 5 million dislikes.

Sadak 2 is going to be a super flop film of Alia Bhatt as no one is going to watch this movie, we can witness the angry of the peoples by their response on the trailer.

Alia bhatt’s Sadak 2 gets 5m+ dislikes, #SSR fans targets for 10m

All the #SSR fans commented on the Sadak 2 trailer some of them are here below-

Griffin Boyka

Griffin Boyka – I searched this trailer just to dislike it. #SSR rest in peace brother.

Griffin Boyka
Khaled Al-Dhaheri

Khaled Al-Dhaheri 6 minutes ago Now we dislike mahesh bhatt and his daughter and next will be karan and his kids in Bollywood.. keep it up SSR lovers. ✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼85REPLY

Tamil Arasan

Tamil Arasan12 minutes agoAt 3.00 am came to dislike this trailer after seeing memes.313REPLYView 48 replies

Rajeev Ranjan

Rajeev Ranjan6 minutes agoSome people came here to check how many dislikes reached but legends came here to check comments34REPLYView reply

sandip patra

sandip patra18 minutes agoDislike only for Mahesh Bhatt . He is a characterless and Mental person in Bollywood .105REPLYView 3 replies


5K SUBSCRIBER WITH ONE VIDEO CHALLENGE14 minutes agoWho comes here Just to see DISLIKES.. Again and again..🤣🤣🤣🤣51REPLY

Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko9 minutes agoOnly came here to dislike. Please invite people to dislike !10REPLY

Satyanarayana Padhy

Satyanarayana Padhy16 minutes agoBoycott this movie. Only shameless people will watch this.35REPLYView 3 replies

Lalri Hmar

Lalri Hmar7 minutes ago (edited)Hit like if you came here to update yourself with the number of dislike so far..😅27REPLYView reply

Harish Kiran

Harish Kiran10 minutes agoAny south Indian came after seeing memes to put dislike66REPLY


X F18 minutes agoDislike and do not watch the movie , we have the power to bring these people down RIP Sushant down with NEPOTISM167REPLYView 7 replies


ADITYA RAIKER_2.014 minutes agoSo HOTSTAR has the most liked as well as most disliked trailer in the world😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂130REPLYView 17 replies

Rony Biswas

Rony Biswas14 minutes ago (edited)Give me a missed call when it touches 10M dislike. Ok bye 🤐70REPLYView 5 replies

Rohit Patodia

Rohit Patodia8 minutes agoI am wondering why rhea Chakraborty was not casted in this movie.2REPLY

It's RJ Dude

It’s RJ Dude10 minutes agoAnyones Who search this Trailer just to DisLike 😂😂 👇 👇 Dosto 🙏🙏 main chota SA YouTuber hu please ek subscribe zarrur krna 🙏🙏🏼 Aur ye gaana suno maza na aaye to bolna more130REPLYView 3 replies

Sameer Sharma

Sameer Sharma19 minutes agoUSA against Bollywood Nepotism!! #Dislike52REPLY

My Gaming Studio

My Gaming Studio22 minutes agoThousand times dislike . Justice for shushant. Stop nepotism91REPLYView 3 replies

kajal roy

kajal roy22 minutes agobe honest who enjoy comment section more then the trailer 😂😂😂😂😂😂25REPLY

Chiranjeevi Pippalla

Chiranjeevi Pippalla22 minutes agoWho are coming back and back just to check the dislike count and keep laughing at it? 😂😂😂😂😂257REPLYView 12 replies

Soham Roy

Soham Roy18 minutes agoNothing against Alia and rest of the crew. But this Dislike is for the person who considers himself as the greatest director of all time.5REPLY

Suhas Tatavarthi

Suhas Tatavarthi1 minute agoRevisiting this trailer again and again to see how many DISLIKES it has got👎👎3REPLY

aniket patil

aniket patil6 minutes agoI have never seen a single movie of this nepotism queen but specifically searched her movie trailer just to dislike it. Justice for our real superstar SSR.8REPLY

Biranchi Das

Biranchi Das16 minutes agoDon’t worry people will get you to number 1 tally of the most disliked videos4REPLY

Eric Ronald

Eric Ronald23 minutes agoI am from england. I didn’t understand the language but came here to dislike the video Because that’s what legends do37REPLYView 3 replies

It's RJ Dude

It’s RJ Dude19 minutes agoAnyones Who search this Trailer just to DisLike 😂😂 👇 👇 Dosto 🙏🙏 main chota SA YouTuber hu please ek subscribe zarrur krna 🙏🙏🏼 Aur ye gaana suno maza na aaye to bolna more238REPLYView 9 replies

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Hrishi Gor

Hrishi Gor19 minutes agoDon’t watch these movies, don’t give them our attention and fame and dislike their work like this only. Only this is how we can show them what “audience” can do.91REPLYView 6 replies

Srujan Reddy Chada

Srujan Reddy Chada21 minutes agoDisliked in the soft protest for Justice. Justice for SSR.3REPLY

Kummail Jan

Kummail Jan17 minutes agoSo whats with the dislikes .. can anyone tell me. Is it about the nepotism thing ? Ziyada kuch pata nahi hai mujhe. Thanks1REPLY

Rohitvishal Yadav

Rohitvishal Yadav5 minutes ago (edited)Some things should not be encouraged .We people have the mass power and you will see it . Boycot nepotism Justiceforsushant 👇🏼1REPLY

shadab hasan

shadab hasan13 minutes agoJust came and dislike the trailer and back….RIP SUSHANT4REPLY


Elamaran6 minutes agoHow Many of You want to thank YouTube for Creating Dislike “Button”4REPLY

Ankit R

Ankit R23 minutes agoFoxStarHindi holds 2 records : Most liked trailer in less than 24 hours – Dil ❤️Bechara Most disliked trailer in less than 24 hours – Sadak2 😂😂😂😂😂Read more125REPLYView 5 replies

Mipu Taipodia

Mipu Taipodia22 minutes agoJust came to dislike this 10th fail Alia’s movie trailer46REPLYView 2 replies

tanu agarwal

tanu agarwal19 minutes agoEvery celebrity, so called bollywood star, politicians, authorities, involve in shushant murder need to watch what people think and want.. If they still have any kind of dilemma.. I can only pray for them..34REPLYView 2 replies

Revanth Nerella

Revanth Nerella17 minutes agoWasted 3 mins in. My life, don’t want to waste 3 hours for movie4REPLY

【 Strange - Martian 】


Shivam Rawat

Shivam Rawat23 minutes agoNow also Boycott bigg boss, Bigg boss take Salman Khan out or no more bigg boss41REPLYView reply

Nαveed Aнмαd

Nαveed Aнмαd19 minutes agoI come here again and again just to see if it cross 10M dislikes or not 😂😂3REPLY

It's RJ Dude

It’s RJ Dude10 minutes agoKaran JOKER KO KITNI CHAPPAL MAROGE 1 LIKE = 100 CHAPPAL 😂 👇 Dosto 🙏🙏 main chota SA YouTuber hu please ek subscribe zarrur krna 🙏🙏🏼 Aur ye gaana suno maza na aaye to bolna more5REPLY

Swapnil M

Swapnil M17 minutes ago… If u still have any sense of Bollywood…den don’t even think of watching da nepo(t) stuff !2REPLY

Nishant Solanki

Nishant Solanki2 minutes agoBoycott Mahesh bhatt movies. He is anti – hindu. He converted to Islam.2REPLY

anindita biswas

anindita biswas7 minutes agoDon’t watch this trailer also,,jst press the dislike button nd go away 😝😝3REPLY

Tahir Balushi

Tahir Balushi7 minutes agoI am not an Indian and I dont live in India but for SSR I am disliking this trailer. This is the best I can do… justice for SSR…2REPLY


Hamada9114 minutes agoWe all should dislike about this Trailer bz of nepotism and one of acters participant this picture and we all hate nepotism.1REPLY

ted jox

ted jox4 minutes agoI’m japanese i dont know wht’s happening,i just came to dislike3REPLY

Shubhankar chaudhary

Shubhankar chaudhary7 minutes agoSorry for Sanju Baba but I will dislike this because of nepotism2REPLY

pankaj sindwani

pankaj sindwani3 minutes agoTomorrow google will delete all the “bad” comments and dislikes. Citing their “POLICY”. This video will trend for 3-4 days.1REPLY

Aniket Mehra

Aniket Mehra2 minutes agoWe don’t want bad products of nepotism to be casted in Bollywood,so I am disliking this trailer…2REPLY


SOUMYA MUKHERJEE12 minutes agoBloodywood got more attention from Indians than it ever deserved. Show them their “place”.3REPLY

Navneet kaur

Navneet kaur20 minutes agoLet’s change Kareena’s thinking as well by disliking!😂3REPLY

Sachin Shubham

Sachin Shubham20 minutes agoMake this trailer most dislike video ever.2REPLY

Cheara Vasudeva

Cheara Vasudeva18 minutes agoMy fav Aditya & Sanjay… I’m sorry but this dislike was for SSR😞❤10REPLYView 2 replies

usama sheikh

usama sheikh14 minutes agoWho are coming back and back just to check the dislike count and keep laughing at it? 😂5REPLY

nikita suderi

nikita suderi22 minutes agoGIVE 1 DISLIKE TO THIS TRAILER FOR SUSHANT SING RAJPUT😖😔35REPLYView reply

Naushad Shaikh

Naushad Shaikh7 minutes agoKeep going guyz… This is the time we can do …. why people going to only dislikes, even they have to Report also. I am sorry sanjay sir but i hate star kids.. RIP shusant sir .2REPLY


Just4Fun22 minutes agoGet ready to fight against Nepotism..Many talented actors we have lost already like ..Sushant Singh, Divya bharti , Ziya khan Parveen bobby and many more….sabka badla lekar rahege aaj.4REPLY

Gaurav Singh

Gaurav Singh57 seconds agoBʏ ᴅɪsʟɪᴋɪɴɢ 👎Tʜɪs ᴠɪᴅᴇᴏ, Wᴇ ᴀʀᴇ ɴᴏᴛ ʜᴇʀᴇ ᴛᴏ ʙʀᴇᴀᴋ ᴀɴʏᴏɴᴇ’s💔🔨 Bᴜᴛ ᴡᴇ ᴀʀᴇ ʜᴇʀᴇ ᴛᴏ ᴘʀᴏᴠᴇ ᴏɴʟʏ ᴏɴᴇ ᴛʜɪɴɢ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ɪғ ʏᴏᴜ ᴀʀᴇ ᴋɪɴɢ 🤴ᴛʜᴀɴ ʀᴇᴍᴇᴍʙᴇʀ ᴡᴇ ᴀʀᴇ ᴋɪɴɢᴍᴀᴋᴇʀs💯😎👑1REPLY

psycho Naga

psycho Naga8 minutes agoI’m here just to dislike.. justice for Sushant Singh Rajput from Nagaland..2REPLY

abhishek kumar sahu

abhishek kumar sahu20 minutes agoI wish I could create multiple accounts to click as many “dislike” as possible !32REPLYView 3 replies

Yogesh Saini

Yogesh Saini12 minutes agoCan someone tell me why the dislike count is much more than likes , Did I missed something NEGATIVE in the trailor 😅2REPLY

rohan vishal

rohan vishal7 minutes agoi was not intended to dislike the trailer but trust me after watching it, i am2REPLY

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Nelson Parmar

Nelson Parmar7 minutes agowhatever has happen its wrong and im completely agree with peoples whatever thay are telling i love sanjay dutt im bigg fan of him but just becouse of other cast i have to dislike it2REPLY

Sukriti Sinha

Sukriti Sinha5 minutes agoThis is the real anger face nd frustration of people boycott them 🙏2REPLY

kajal roy

kajal roy37 seconds agoAt 3 AM who came here to dislike this trailer after seeing memes1REPLYView reply

Harshit Pal

Harshit Pal4 minutes agoWhy’s no one talking about Sanjay Dutt here ? Maybe it’s his last movie as well!2REPLYView reply

Tamil comedy Marathon

Tamil comedy Marathon10 minutes agoI am from tamilnadu.i don’t know Hindi i played this only for dislike it.. I hate alia and mahesh because of nepotism..6REPLY

Shweta Basak

Shweta Basak20 minutes agoProbably maker’s have already recoverd their investment by selling right. Its time for us to teach a lesson to these OTT platforms.3REPLY

Anti-Venom GAMING

Anti-Venom GAMING20 minutes agoI got 4 id’s on youtube I love this trailer this much I had disliked from all of my id’s #thankuRead more5REPLY

Spiritual ocean

Spiritual ocean7 minutes agoI just search this trailer for dislike only. Mahesh Bhatt apne trailer ke dislike dekh ke hi samajh jaa ki ek bihari kya kya kar sakta hai. Mere Shushant bhai marke bhi Amar ho gaye.3REPLY

बातें कुछ हटके

बातें कुछ हटके9 minutes agoThis is the power of common man.. the way we’re boycotting this trailer/film ,to the very same manner we must boycott all the mafias inside and outside the Bollywood.4REPLY

Sonali Sisodia

Sonali Sisodia20 minutes agoIf these dislikes are continue All these are gonna be actually on sadak 😂4REPLY

Syed Hussain

Syed Hussain12 minutes agoIts really ‘SEMA MOKKA’ Translate for english ‘FULL VASTE’3REPLY

rijvi 403

rijvi 40311 minutes ago (edited)4+ million dislikes within 17 hours 😂 It’s going to be the most disliked video ever on youtube for sure 😎2REPLY


MUSIC LIBRARY2 minutes agowho one came for seeing dislikes after seeing memes…..1REPLY


ANGEL S19 minutes ago (edited)What kind of people are liking the trailer, GUYS LET US JUST BOYCOTT Bollywood, don’t forget how many small town hard working Shushants this Bollywood has swallowed. How much torment young girls & boys hv been going through to survive & live in that industry is not hidden now!!! Don’t act blind now, just wake up now Guys!!!1REPLY


ANGEL S9 minutes agoWe audience are the ones, who make them stars, don’t forget what they have done to Sushant and many many more, let’s show them the power of audience this time!!! Have some self respect, don’t you know what kareena has said, we cannot die without Bollywood & movies. Please don’t watch any of their movies on any platform. Don’t watch bigboss, salmaan is the most arrogant man ever, ruined many careers.24REPLYView reply

Tisha Sharma

Tisha Sharma1 minute agoGuys in this time where mr. Dutt isn’t well,I don’t think we should put any negative impact on his health by constantly hating on sadak 2 there are actors in this that aren’t related to what’s happening,by our actions we might also destroy career of the innocent ones who worked day n night for their success before taking any action think twice also to be clear I am not against or with anything but trying to be practical.1REPLY

Fariya Binta Wadud Subha

Fariya Binta Wadud Subha20 minutes agoI am a Avenger and I’m here to give dislike 👎🏻✌️REPLY


YASH ORASKAR19 minutes agoCongratulations To All This Is Currently Most Disliked Video On Youtube In India…😂😂4REPLY

Rutam Media21 minutes agoKaran should host a show with nepo with kids. ‘Toffee with Karan’REPLY


JAI HIND20 minutes agoFeeling sad that I can only dislike it for once.😞😷 Justice_for_Sushant_Singh_Rajput.3REPLY

Deepanshu Sharma

Deepanshu Sharma8 minutes ago (edited)After seeing dislikes me be like “mera desh badal rha ha” 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳1REPLY

Vikram R.

Vikram R.2 minutes agoI understand we are feeling a lot of things as an audience after the whole discussion around nepotism in Bollywood. But, please let’s not discredit content like this. A lot of effort has gone into making this movie. It is not about just the actors, a huge workforce is behind the making of this movie. By just disliking and trolling without even giving any chance to the content you have discredited everyone who worked on that set. And also star kids or not, everyone is equally human. So it is important to keep in mind that though we make the conversation heard on nepotism and mental health issues – which is so so important. But, these people can also face or are facing mental health issues because of this constant environment of hate and negativity – no one should be subjected to that whether they are privileged or non-privileged. This debate and discussion around nepotism and mental health should bring a positive change in our society not push people into a negative space.Read moreREPLY


SUNIDHI TIRKEY2 minutes agoBTS new single DYNAMITE out on August 21st1REPLY

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shakil saeed

shakil saeed17 minutes ago (edited)It is very satisfying to see that the trailer of the Nepotism actor has been disliked more then being liked. Somehow, whatever she said about Sushant Singh Rajput on Karan Johar’s went right. She said ‘kill Sushant’ and rightly so she did kill him emotionally. Whole bollywood mafia should be ashamed for what they’ve done to Sushant. I’m not an Indian but I’ve always been a die heart fan of bollywood, but after seeing the demise of Sushant, it seems like no bollywood celebrity really bother or care about him. I’ve always been Sushant’s big fan since Pavitra Rishta and when he stopped working in Pavitra Rishta, I’ve stopped watching the serial. Sushant has done many iconic movies in very short span of his career but he wasn’t really appreciated. Now, I really hope that justice to be served. All culprits should be hang till death. #RIPSSR#LOVEFROMPAKISTANRead moreREPLY

Lonewolf Gaming

Lonewolf Gaming9 minutes agoCongo for 4.3m dislikes🤟🏻😶 More to come🤣4REPLY

Laxmi Dathia

Laxmi Dathia5 minutes ago (edited)We need to show the real power “OF INDIAN PEOPLE”….. 💪💪💪 Make the most dislike trailer… 👎👎 For #SSR 🙏1REPLY

Wajid Ali Vlogs

Wajid Ali Vlogs4 minutes ago (edited)Just come to dislike 👎 nepotism product ….justice for SSR1REPLY

Fariha Hairat

Fariha Hairat22 minutes agoFeeling proud🤝 n relieved💆 after seeing the number👀 of dislikes🔥..1REPLY

【 Strange - Martian 】

【 Strange – Martian 】20 minutes agoAUDIENCE :: How many Dislike Do you Want ? Mahesh Butt :: *Yes*1REPLY

Arshith M

Arshith M12 minutes agoI just came here to dislike the video i haven’t seen the trailer yet1REPLY

Gulshan Kumar Jaiswal

Gulshan Kumar Jaiswal7 minutes agoI wish everyone viewer problems will solve fastly1REPLY

Pragnesh Jayaswal

Pragnesh Jayaswal7 minutes ago (edited)No Bollywood no Nepotism. We are with Sushantsingh Rajput. Guys please dislike this Sadak2. Stand and support justice for Sushat Singh Rajput1REPLY

Vivek Verma

Vivek Verma4 minutes agoI asked for a hotspot from friend to dislike this trailer as i left the social media and youtube,came back for this.😣😣😣rip sushantREPLY

Amit Tiwari

Amit Tiwari19 seconds agowell this million dislike is also kind of giving publicity…isn’t itREPLY

learn easy

learn easy16 minutes agoNot only dislike guys, please also report the video for hate.REPLY

Parimala Babu

Parimala Babu9 minutes agoProbably this comes under the most diliked videos on the youtube 😱2REPLY

sanjeet kumar

sanjeet kumar1 minute agoThese people are rich only because we watch their movies, andREPLY

Mert Eylul

Mert Eylul21 minutes agoI’m really sorry for you sanjay dutt, you are a great actor who does not appreciate yourself. Playing with Mahesh Bhatt‎’s daughter is a big mistake for you.13REPLYView reply

RU Khan

RU Khan6 minutes agoThis is the spirit AGAINST NEPOTISM we should keep for a long long time.REPLY

Osman Azam


abhishek agrahari

abhishek agrahari5 minutes agoIrrespective of the brand of movies that these 1st generation of nepo kids are gonna do, things would never be the way it used to be.. Lets bounce back doubly strengthened from this setback and promote the movies of newcomers who do not have any family connection. Let us be the change agents. Let’s become the critical mass and the rest will automatically pan out for the best. #justice4SSRREPLY

Kusuma gowda

Kusuma gowda15 minutes agoWho just came here to see dislikes?1REPLY

Manthan Atey

Manthan Atey11 minutes agoTrending because of dislike look amazing😆1REPLY


ABHISHEK KUMAR8 minutes agoBoycott alia, boycott hotstar Long live shushant This film should also go rest in peace ripREPLY

Hrithikroshan Singh Rajput

Hrithikroshan Singh Rajput1 minute agoI am here after seeing memes & Also Search this trailer just to dislike 😂😂😂😂😂😂1REPLY

22 04

22 0415 minutes agoAre you also coming back every 5 minutes to see if it is breaking most disliked video record? Reply or like if you want to see this as most disliked in history..REPLY

Mr kovacic

Mr kovacic12 minutes agoSorry sanjay dutt the dislike is not for you👏🔥1REPLY

Ismail mohammed

Ismail mohammed8 minutes ago (edited)First dislike then watch the trailer.1REPLY

Avis vicii Hall

Avis vicii Hall14 minutes agoI was waiting n planning to watch this movie since when but unfortunately I saw the director/producers name Mahesh butt n so I was like say big No to Mahesh butt sorry but not sorry 🤮🤮dadaji1REPLY

Anish Vijayan

Anish Vijayan3 minutes agoTrailer is good but sorry my finger automatically selected “dislike” button..!!REPLY

Rahul kumar20 minutes agoRIp shushant singh rajput….I never see your movie…And…I never forget this….1REPLY

saran vignesh.g19 minutes agoI think its gonna make a new record of most disliked. They deserve even worse.REPLY

Soham Roy13 minutes agoAmazing, that you could survive with so few dislikes.REPLY

John Daviz chronicles8 minutes agoIam from South Side! Tamil nadu, INDIA. i don’t know hindi! I came here for dislike this movie trailer! Because only for #ssr and #NEPOTISM1REPLY

sarbajit biswas17 minutes ago (edited)After the trailer…I think the movie name should be “BHATT AND Co.” Don’t just dislike, report it also ….REPLY

DIBYAJYOTI SARKAR20 minutes agoI Just gave dislike and left the page1REPLY

Tanmay Satija21 minutes agoDislike .MAKE A WORLD RECORD1REPLY