18th aug 2018| Is Divya still behind Aviral, she still tries to brain-wash christeena

In the mtv love school season 3 episode 15 of 18th August 2018: we have seen that there are lots of the twist and turns seen in this reality love show. As in the start of the season Divya had crush on   Aviral but he liked christeena over her and Divya. Then we have also seen that divya had lots of issue with her boyfriend Mohit because of Aviral but soon after everything was sorted. Then we have that wild card vishakha Raghav came and said that Aviral belongs only to her now her Divya and Sakshi relationship was sorted up but recently we have seen that Divya is doing some sort of planning and plotting in order to split Aviral Christeena Рwhat does this mean? Is Divya have feelings for Aviral eventhough she is paired up with Nitin.

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Well, seeing her planning even Anusha and Karan Kundra (judges of the show) questioned her that – Is she still having feelings for Aviral and anusha added that if it so then you would not be able to go on with Nitin as a couple as you have to forget Aviral first to compete with others on this show.

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Let’s see what Divya is now going to do as already Anusha has said her to move on and make her relationship good with Nitin. What’s your thought on this action of Divya, what you think just comment below in the comment section.

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