Woohoo!! This is a time for all of us to be proud of our
#India·we all know」that Indians are the best when it
comes to #technology and this recognition of #India
having two of it’s companies #TCS and #Wipro in the
IT services companies across the world in the same
list as that of #Accenture #IBm is a tall one
In fact it’s worth also a ponder that even for these
multinational IT firms a large portion of the staff in
them would also be Indian’s working on some of the
finest #tech projects in the world!
While we celebrate 70 years of Republic, this
couldnt be a better gift to us all #technology
#digitalmarketing folks around the uorld
#Indian’s truly rule #tech and enabling the world for
a better tomorrow. Let’s all feel proud and share this
among all across the world

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