Love School 3: Aviral gets pissed off seeing Prateek picking up Christeena in Instalove task today

In the task of the MTV Love School 3, when all the contestant were having their time to choose of their partner for the task, that time Christeena took the name of Pratik instead of Aviral and this really pissed off Aviral. Well it seems that Aviral do care for his connection with Christeena, as when he sees christeena with Pratik he gets pissed off and here christeena chooses pratik to make Aviral feel jealous.

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But for me this couple Aviral – Chirsteena is not working and I can’t see any spark in them. I like Aviral – Sakshi, seeing them together seems great.

I think they may come together one day, we will for sure see Mtv Love School 3 Power Couple – Aviral and Sakshi performing together and even Anusha thinks that Aviral and Sakshi are good together.

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Mtv Love School 3 Couples Name| All 5 Love School Season 3 Couple 2018
Mtv Love School 3 Couples Name| All 5 Love School Season 3 Couple 2018

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