Love School 4 Baby pull me closer epi 4 of 16th March 2019 sneak peek

Mtv Love school 4 episode 4 of 16th March 2019 watch online, written updates of the all the episodes starting from episode 1 to episode 21, til the grand finale winner episode of the Love School. Well in the today’s episode all the couples and singles are going to compete each other in a task named baby pull me closer. Here we are going to see the fight, romance and breakup between the favourite couple Dav and poojan. There is a lot happening in the school since Kapil and Aishwarya got eliminated from the show.

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Mtv Love school 4 episode 4

Check online for the complete episode written updates, who is eliminated today from the show. Which couple is having hard time in the school and is going to be eliminated soon next.