Love school 4 of 18th May 2019 Kahani puri filmy hai

Mtv Love School 4 – 8th June 2019 Episode 16 watch online, written update, download HD

Compatibility Test: In episode 16 of the mtv love school 4 – 8th June 2019 there have been a lot of fights and quarrels in the judgment night as the compatibility task was very clear, where we can see that Ramiz – Gunjan were the worst performer and still Ramiz was showing a lot of tantrums while the vote out from the show. Ramiz kept on speaking bullshit about everyone while standing in the judgment night while the vote out. Stay tuned for the next exciting episode – Mtv Love School 4 episode 17 of 15th June 2019 there are going to be the four wild-card entrants for more details check the next article of this portal.

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Love school 4 Episode 16
Love school 4 Episode 16

Maybe this was the Ramiz’s strategy saying that you all are afraid of me that why you are all going to vote out against me today. But this strategy of Ramiz backfired and he got eliminated today.

Rishabh – Ramiz & Gunjan

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Sunny – Ramiz & Gunjan

Manpreet – Ramiz & Gunjan

Dev – Ramiz & Vaishali

Poojan – Ramiz & Gunjan

Sagar – Ramiz & Gunjan

Gizelle – Ramiz & Gunjan

Vaishali got 5 votes, Shafan got 0 Votes, Ramiz got all votes and Gunjan got 3 votes.

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Finally Vaishali and Ramiz got eliminated from the show today.

Spoiler Alert: Ramiz – Mukkta and Ali Asheema (ashima) re-enters in the Mtv Love School 4 Episode 17 of 15th June 2019 watch online, download hd, written updates.