Roshni-Anshuman goes for a secret session! Splitsvilla 11 (XI) 19th December 2018 wu

Mtv splitsvilla XI season 11 had a lot of the upturns which has changed the game a lot and all the players now have to make lots of planning and plotting in order to win the game. In the previous episode of the mtv splitsvilla 11 contestants got a chance to face the oracle as a couple and here all them thinking who is going to face off the oracle this time, as the oracle has lots of twists and turns which can even give a boon or a curse. While all were deciding that who is going to face the oracle – Anshuman and Roshni Wadhwa. When they went together in front of the oracle then oracle said “Now as there are three ideal matches in the Slitsvilla 11 but from now onwards there is only 2 and one of the ideal match is not void so they have to find that ideal match which is no ideal match on the show.

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Only 2 ideal matches left!

Lets see who is not a ideal match on the show, which one ideal matches have to be powerless and unimmune in the next elimination round of the mtv splitsvilla XI – Season 11 2018. There is the chances that kabeer- Anushka will be the one couple who were the ideal match but now they are the normal couple and dont have the benefits of the ideal match in the show any more.

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