Ramiz - Ace of Space 2

Ace of Space 2: Ramiz makes Salman Zaidi his dog 28th September 2019 Day 31

MTV Ace of Space 2 Episode of 28th September 2019 Day 31 updates: As Ramiz (MTV Love School 4 ex-contestant) has entered MTV Ace of Space 2 as a wild card entry. Ramiz was an irritating contestant o the Mtv Love school 4 and now here he is in the Ace of Space 2 where he has the power to say anything to house member and they have to follow it as the command. Yesterday, Ramiz asked Krissann Barretto to throw her soft toy out of the house.

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Ramiz - Ace of Space 2
Ramiz – Ace of Space 2

Krissann Barretto applied black color on the face of the Ramiz as she completed the task given by him. Then Salman completed his task by being a nicen puppy and he won the task. Here Ramiz lost again the task and his face got more black colour.

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