Ace of Space 2

Ace of space 2: Who got Trump card, Dagger card, room swap, room squeeze

Mtv Ace of space 2 full news live updates: In today’s episode who is going to get the Trump card and who will suffer under the dagger card will be updated below. The contestants whose room is going to be swapped and which room is going to squeeze this week. Mtv ace of Space 2 Day-wise updates.

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Ace of Space 2
Ace of Space 2

Who got a trump card?

Krissann Barretto

Who got dagger card?

Dagger card will be given to Panic room.

Whose room got swapped?

Shruti, Akshay, and Ohm were sent to the Jack side in the Panic room, they joined Khushali. Prakruti and Rashmi jha were sent to the King’s side in the Game room.

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Which room got squeezed?

Panic Room.

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