Mtv Ace of Space 2 episode 23 of day 21 – 17th September 2019 watch online, written updates, download hd. In the tonight episode Mastermind revealed that there will be double elimination so today two contestants are going home back. As Akshay has a trump card so he is got a choice to make if he saves himself all the other who are safe in the house from the nominations they will be nominated and those who are nominated they will be safe from the nomination this week.

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Double Elimination! Ace of space 2 of 17th September 2019 Day 21
Double Elimination! Ace of space 2 of 17th September 2019 Day 21
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Ace of Space 2 activity result

  • Khushali – Akshay (Selected) – shruti (Not selected)
  • Akshay – Shruti sinha (selected) – Khushali (Not selected)
  • Baseer Ali – shruti sinha (selected) – Ohm (not selected)
  • Salman – Krissann Barretto (selected) – Nikita (not selected)
  • Ohm – Baseer Ali (selected) – Rashmi Jha (not selected)
  • Manhar – Baseer Ali (selected) – Yash (Not selected)
  • Lucinda – Shruti Sinha (selected) – Rashmi Jha
  • Shruti – Lucinda (selected) – akshay (not selected)
  • Krissann – Nikita (selected) – Prakriti (Not selected)
  • Nikita – Manhar seth (selected) – krissann (not selected)
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Mtv Ace of space 2 Day 1 updates: there is lots of fight going to be seen in the next task of Ace of space 2.