Ace of Space 2: Krystal Dsouza & Anushka enters for Fitrat task 24th October 2019

Khushali – Manhar eliminated|Ace of Space 2 “Surprise Week” 13th October 2019 Day 50

MTV Ace of Space 2 – 13th October 2019 watch online, download, written updates. Ace of space 2: Week 6 is the Surprise Week as there have been lots of twists and turns in the game and there were surprises like double elimination then wild card entry and more. In the Ace of Space 2 first, there was the surprise entry of the Bihari babu Deepak Thakur was exited from MTV Ace of Space 2 because of his shoulder injury.

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Mtv Ace of Space 2 - 29th September 2019 Day 31
Mtv Ace of Space 2 – 29th September 2019 Day 31

When he re-entered in the house, everything changed more fights and more non-sense started on the show. Khushali Vyas and Manhar Seth got eliminated from the Ace of Space 2, double elimination on MTV Ace of Space 2 was shocking for everyone.

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Then there was the entry of the second wild card entry Mandeep Gujjar (ex-contestant of Mtv Roadies 2017) he entered the show as the Ghost and everyone had the task to ignore him as he is the ghost in the house right and going to take the place of someone soon.

Stay tuned for the more updates related to the Ace of space 2.

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