Ace of Space 2: Krystal Dsouza & Anushka enters for Fitrat task 24th October 2019

No eviction! Ace of Space 2 15th October 2019 Day 53, pearl v puri demands

Ace of Space 2 15th October 2019 Episode 53 Updates: At the start of the episode Pearl V Puri replace mastermind Vikas Gupta. Then all the contestants got the shock that he has left the show and now they will have to be Pearl V Puri.

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In episode 53 of 15th October 2019 of Ace of space 2: there was no elimination in episode as Pearl v puri requested from the start that there would be no eviction this week.

Ace of Space 2
Ace of Space 2

There were 4 peoples in the nomination but because of pearl v puri nobody got eliminated from the show. This week khushali was saved by Pearl v puri and no one was sent to the home by being eliminated from the show.

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