Splitsvilla (X2) 12 - 27th September 2019: lock n pop episode 7

Banana* Mtv Splitsvilla 12 (X2) 6 September 2019 Episode 4, dome, oracle, elimination, ideal match

Mtv Splitsvilla 12 (X2) 6th September 2019 (6-9-2019) watch online, download hd written updates, who is eliminated today?, dome session result, who is the ideal match of mtv splitsvilla 12. Mtv Splitsvilla X2 first task was very amazing task named “Love Helpline”, in this task Uday sachdeva competed against Ankush kalyan and Ashish Bhatia competed against Piyush sharma.

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The battle between two Ashish Bhatia and Piyush Sharma was a very awaiting task as they have been having grudges from very long. Ashish Bhatia proved himself and today he won the task against his biggest rival Piyush Sharma. Ashish Bhatia played his first task Love helpline with Miesha Iyer and Ahana Sharma.

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Arshiya got eliminated from the show today, MTV Splitsvilla 12.