Bigg Boss 13 3rd January 2020 Highlights, Mahira Slaps Paras

Bigg boss 13 episodes 97 Day 96 of 3rd January 2020 watch online, download hd written updates of 4th January 2020 complete episode day wise. In today’s episode of the Weekend ka vaar when there was the task named MEMORIES all the contestants got two photographs were they had a memory with the two contestants in the BB house. Here the contestants have to keep the memory which is close to their heart and throw the other one but have to cut that memory before throwing it. This task was started by Shehnaz gill then all were called one by none for the task.

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Bigg Boss 13: Paras Chhabra is "Sanskari Playboy" splitsvilla winner
Bigg Boss 13: Paras Chhabra is “Sanskari Playboy” splitsvilla winner

Shehnaz gill kept her memory with Siddharth Shukla by giving the reason that he was there for her all the time in the house and she destroyed the memory with Paras Chhabra sayings that between us nothing is going to happen ever. Bigg Boss 13 3rd January 2020 Highlights, Mahira Slaps Paras chhabra. Then Paras Chhabra was called who kept his memory with Siddharth Shukla which they had when they were in the secret room together and he wants to destroy his memories with Shehnaz gill and then he destroyed Shahnaz’s memories.

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Bigg Boss 13 3rd January 2020 Episode written updates : Mahira Sharma Slaps Paras Chhabra when Prem Jyotish enters in the Bigg Boss 13 house to give a sneak peek of their future by reading their fortune.

Stay tuned to know is Madhurima Tuli gonna become a new captain of the Bigg boss 13 house.