Bigg Boss 14: 14th November 2020, Salman questions on Jasmine playing doll

Bigg Boss 14 episode 43 of the 8th weekend ka vaar was telecasted on 14th November 2020 in this episode Salman Khan appeared in the Sherwani and lighted up a Diya for the celebrations of Diwali 2020. In the bigg boss 14 house today everyone were expecting to win a gift sent to them by their family member, but they will only able receive the gift by winning a MPL task assigned to them.

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In this task MPL caption Aly Goni is playing a main role he can discard 2 contestants from the each level and the one he removed from the pool hole will not be able to receive gift on this Diwali from their family members even it is sent to them in the Bigg boss 14 house. In the first round Aly Goni removed Ejaz khan and Jasmine Bhasin and others received their gift from the family.

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Ejaz khan and Jasmine Bhasin asked to remove them so that others can receive gifts. While the weekend ka vaar when the topic of sacrifice in order to save the fellow contestants, Salman khan asked Jasmine Bhasin about why she plays with the doll still?. Then she replied that she feels connected to Tuti Pututi as since it is destroyed it’s been hard for her to sleep.

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Jasmine Bhasin added on more, she loves the dolls a lot as she has a big one at home named “Bella”. For more info related to the Bigg boss 14 stay connected and subscribe on the social platforms.