Roadies Real Heroes 14th July 2019 Written Update: Gai maths paani mein

Roadies Real heroes full episode written updates: Watch online Mtv Roadies real heroes episode 14th July 2019 on MTV at 7:00 pm IST but for any reason, you missed your episode then here you can check out the complete episode written updates. There are some other sites where you can download MTV roadies real heroes episodes, you can watch online anytime on voot. At the beginning of the episode, Neha Dhupia lashes out on the Sandeep Singh, saying that he seems to be that he doesn’t know anything but he knows everything. Then Sandeep Singh that he doesn’t to spoil his connections.

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As till now after the Auction 2.0, all the gangs had their gang completed, here the winner gang is Prince Narula gang whose gang is immune from the eviction round. Soon after that, they drove to their next destination and here Prince gang who are the winner got a glory ride on a bike with Rannvijay to their next destination. Now when they reached there all were ready for the elimination round. Here Sahiba Kaur from Sandeep’s gang, Aadil from Nikhil Chinapa’s gang and Arun Sharma from Raftaar’s gang got votes, so they had to perform a task in order to sustain in the Roadies real heroes.

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NEHA Dhupia aur Sandeep Singh ki argument ne mahol banaya garam?
Do you think Neha is right?
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Before the task Sahiba Kaur lashes out on Tara, she says everyone is afraid of Tara and Aarushi and they all are his chamcha’s and she adds on saying that he is slippery and can’t be trusted and more. But a few moments in the task she chooses Tara as his partner to perform the task with him, well they are the winner of the task today and got the immunity. Aadil chooses Bhagsethu over Simran kaur on the recommendation of his gang leader Nikhil Chinapa, later when he loses the task he blames his loss on both Nikhil and bhagsethu.

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Arun Sharm (Strong competition for all chooses Aarushi Dutta) for the task. Well even though they didn’t win the task but they, not even loss, they came second.

At the end of the episode, Aadil gets eliminated from the show, now all the contestants are very much ready for the next task named “Pleasure of Rumble”.

Check out next article for the more details related to Mtv roadies real hereos episode 21st july 2019: who is winner, who is eliminated today, ticket to finale, which contestants are deserving for roadies real hereos winner title, who is injured in task.

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