Mtv Roadies Revolution

Roadies Revolution 26th September Episode 20, Open double vote out, Arushi vs Apoorva task for survival

Mtv Roadies Revolution 26th September 2020 episode 20 watch online, written updates, download hd in the fifth vote out. In this open double vote out Arushi Chawla and Apoorva got eliminated in this episode of the Mtv Roadies Revolution 2020. After the surprise open double vote out/ elimination/ eviction today, Rannvijay revealed that both the contestants – Arushi and Apoorva are voted out by the roadies contestant but they will not be going home right away. Yes, this surprised other contestants too as one of them will be eliminated and other will remain in the mtv roadies revolution 2020.

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Mtv Roadies Revolution
Mtv Roadies Revolution

Nisha votes for Apoorva = 2x votes given to Nisha Dhaundiyal, so Apoorva gets 2 votes

Akash votes for Apoorva =2x votes given to Akash Verma, so Apoorva gets 2 votes

Abhimanyu votes for Arushi Chawla =2x votes given to Abhimanyu singh, so Arushi chawla gets 2 votes

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Michael Ajay votes for Apoorva = 2x votes given to Michael, so Apoorva gets 2 votes

Tarandeep votes for Apoorva

Srishti votes for Arushi

Aman votes for Apoorva

Vipin votes for Arushi

Sanjay Negi votes for Arushi

Jayant voes for Arushi

Apoorva voes for Arushi

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Pratibha votes for Arushi

Zabi Khan votes for Arushi

Arushi got 9 votes and Apoorva gets 6 votes today in the episode 20 of the Mtv Roadies Revolution 26th September 2020.