Mtv Splitsvilla X2 (12) Uday – Hridya: There relationship is building up again as in the episode 3 they started to get apart from each other due to some misunderstanding they were against each other where uday started to compete in the task with Priyamvada kan but now after the episode 5 of mtv splitsvilla 12 their relationship is getting better day by day as they are getting closer as now they are playing the task together and now they also won the task called “Woo Boo tera glamour” on 27th September 2019 episode 7.

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Mtv Splitsvilla X2 (12) Uday - Hridya
Mtv Splitsvilla X2 (12) Uday – Hridya

Mtv splitsvilla X2 Season 12 couple Uday and Hridya are playing very well in the game soon they could get a chance to stand in front of the mtv splitsvilla 12 oracle to know that they are an ideal couple/ideal match or not. Uday Sachdeva and Hridya are cute together, they could a strong couple in the villa.

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