Splitsvilla 12: Ankush goes on date with Jinal & Priyamvada

Mtv Splitsvilla 12 Date Night: As a winner of the task in the Bae watch Ankush Sharma got a chance to go on the date with the two girls of the villa so here he asked Aahna Sharma for the date but he denied to come. As Ankush don’t have Aahna Sharma as a date so he took Jinal Sharma and Priyamvada Kant as his dates. Ankush Sharma needed someone on the date so he had them, he said “Kaam ke waqt gadhe ko bhi baap banana padta hain”.

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Mtv Splitsvilla 12
Mtv Splitsvilla 12

Ankush Sharma tried to have a conversation with both here Jinal Sharma is the connection of the Shrey Mittal, Priyamvada has a soft corner for Uday Sharma Sachdeva.

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