Splitsvilla X2 22nd November 2019 Ep 15 Written Update, Alice eliminated

Mtv Splitsvilla x2 season 12 of 22 November 2019 episode 15 watch online, written updates, download hd full episode online stream. Voot mtv splitsvilla 12 season 12 Episode 15 task is going to be more tougher for the contestants. As the arrival of new ideal match Priyamvada kant and shrey mittal had bought lot of chances in the other contestant’s planning and plotting in the villa. Is bhavya going to be eliminated tonight in the dome session of mtv splitsvilla 12 Episode 15. Watch online synopsis, sneak peek of mtv splitsvilla X2 29th November 2019 Full Episode 16.

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Mtv splitsvilla x2 22 November 2019
Mtv splitsvilla x2 22nd November 2019

As per the rumors now when Aahna Sharma’s heart is broken because of Piyush Sharma who choosed Arshiya arshi over her. Will Aahna find his new partner? Is Sambhav is new partner for Aahna Sharma or Bhavin Bhanushali will try to make connection with Aahna Sharma in this episode of splitsvilla 12. Ashish Bhatia and Miesha Iyer are still the chosen one of the villa and they have upper power over the other ideal matches.

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