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Aarushi votes to Rachal in her own gang! Is she disloyal to her gang?|Mtv Roadies Real heroes episode full episodes.

As in the voting of te mtv roadies real heroes we have seen that Aarushi Dutta has voted agasinst her own gang member, she voted against Rachal (her own gang member). Seeing to her vote Raftaar Singh, Rachael and others were shocked as they dont expected this from her. When Racheal fired up on Aarushi Dutta about her vote out against him she said she doubted on his loyalty against his gang (Raftaar Gang). Here the question arises, Is Aarushi Dutta (Ex-splitsvilla X1 contestant) loyal to her gang – Raftaar gang?.

When rachal blasted on aarushi dutta because of her vote against him, we saw that Arun Sharma took side of Aarushi dutta. Arun Sharma added she doesnt mean that, she is not like this. Then a verbal fight grew ugly between rachal and arun sharma, in the end Raftaar said to arun are you standing and giving a legitmative reason of voting against own gang.

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What you guys think, does aarushi dutta done wrong?, is aarushi dutta right or wrong in the elimination round?. What you guys think about this action of Aarushi dutta share your opinion by commenting below in the comment box.