Ultimate Winner! Shruti vs Samyuktha Splitsvilla 11 – 3rd February 2019 Epi 27 Updates

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Friends turn into a foe in today’s episode of the Mtv Splitsvilla X1 (Season 11) Episode 27 of 3rd february 2019: As we have seen that Shruti sinha and anushka were the good friends from the start of the episode but as seen in episode 27 of Mtv Splitsvilla 11 Shruti Sinha and Anushka caught up in fight when Anushka got sneak peek from Arushi dutta, that everyone is planning up to elimination her with kabeer. So to save herself she came to confront with all member about that then she indulged in the very ugly fight. Then this fight took forward when Shruti said Anushka that you should not call anyone snake.

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Friends turn into a Foe! Shruti vs Anushka Splitsvilla 11 - 2nd december 2018 Updates
Friends turn into a Foe! Shruti vs Anushka Splitsvilla 11 – 2nd december 2018 Updates

Splitsvilla 11 (XI) 3rd February 2018

As in the task, contestants had to figure out the song name and breaks the pot and win the task, this task was done by Shagun Pandey – Handa and Fahad Ali – Arushi Dutta. In the task, Shagun Pandey had the disadvantage of the Handa’s body weight but Shagun should have not done this. In the previous episodes of the Splitsvilla season 11, we have seen that Anushka – Kabeer was planning to eliminate Shruti sinha and Rohan hingorani from the Mtv Splitsvilla XI – Season 11 – Episode 26 and 27.

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In this episode of the mtv splitsvilla XI, when shruti found that anushka her best is planning to kick her and her connection out of the villa then she became very angry and got indulged in the verbal fight.

Friends turn into a Foe! Shruti vs Anushka Splitsvilla 11 – 3rd February 2019 Updates

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