How to share 'travel stories' to increase followers on social media

How to share ‘travel stories’ to increase followers on social media

Now-a-days travelling is a top hobby of most of the people around the world, some peoples are full time travelers and others travel while vacation, holiday, backpacking, world tour, and destination exploring. Here all make lots memories in pictures and videos which they share with their friends and family through social platforms – facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, stumbleupon, reddit, own blog. Now there are some travelers who are full time travellers and they wanted to reach to the higher volume of the audience as they earn money through their travel stories and recommendation for which they get commissions and affiliate income while traveling around the world.

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How to increase Facebook & Instagram followers for free

If you wanted to share your travel stories with the large audience and don’t wanted to spend lots of penny on ads and paid guest posting. Here below the smart ways to grow your Instagram followers and Facebook followers by sharing your travel stories.

  • Sharing your travel stories on instagram with well-known hashtags which reach out to more instagramer.
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  • The most effective and easy way to grab more followers on facebook and instagram is by sharing your travel stories to very famous and well known travel website – Budget Mein Travel.
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Just visit the above mentioned website and then you can just submit your travel stories including name, social profile links, pictures and complete stories. The travel stories will be confirmed by the admins of and will be published in 1 hour.

So, travellers enjoy your journey and share travel stories with the world.