Deepak enters Ace of Space 2 – 24th September 2019: gives his point of view

Mtv Ace of Space 2 Day 27 Updates: Deepak Thakur is back and now has lots of secrets of the contestants in MTV Ace of Space 2. Deepak spelled out a lot of secrets were he bought that Nikita Bhamidipati was acting too much in the house that Salman Zaidi broke my heart and he used me on the game. But here in the outside world, Nikita has a boyfriend named “Ali Raza” who was in the love school.

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Deepak Thakur added Krissann Barretto is making Salman Zaidi fool as from the start of the show she showed that she is a best friend of Salman and they use to stay together everywhere they go, in the task and most of the time they spend time together. This really made viewers think that they are a couple or they are more than just a friend in the house.

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Adhish Khanna enters Ace of Space 2 boyfriend of Krissann Barretto 22 sept
Adhish Khanna enters Ace of Space 2 boyfriend of Krissann Barretto 22 sept

But when her real-life boyfriend Adhish Khanna entered she boycotted Salman Zaidi completely for two days she doesn’t even talk to him. Now when he left she is again with Salman as a friend well what is this she is really making both boys stupid or she is really confused about her relationship.

Deepak Thakur said Khushali is a weak player who just keeps on saying that she is not meant for this place, I want to go she should try to be strong. He mocked about Manhar seth what I say about him, its waste of my time speaking about him.

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Deepak said ohm beware about Rashmi Jha she is the dangerously she will drown you, Rashmi Jha has someone out of the house with whom she was in the relationship for 5 years and here she is hiding that in the house and making a fake connection with Ohm Kaliraman.