Ramiz - Ace of Space 2

Ace of Space 2: Ramiz enters from Love School 4 of 27th September 2019 Day 30

Being a Surprise week of the Mt Ace of Space 2, Day 30 of 27th September 2019 watch online, download written updates. Ramiz from Australia who was the part of the MTV Love School 4 has entered in the show as a guest on 27.09.2019 and has special power this week who is going to take place of someone in the house. When Ramiz entered has brought some Afghani food with him, biryani and other delicacies. MTV Ace of Space 2 live updates, wild card entries and who will enter in the ace of space 2 next?.

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Ramiz - Ace of Space 2
Ramiz – Ace of Space 2

Mtv ace of space 2 Updates: Ramiz was one of the irritative contestants in the Mtv Love School 4 now he is in the Mtv ace of space 2 who came after mandeep singh and possess power in the house.

Ramiz got a lot of power which mean he can make anyone do anything he wants to do in the Mtv ace of space 2. He will give the challenge to the contestant and the one who is unsuccessful in doing the task then their face will be painted with black colour.

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