MTV Splitsvilla 12 Episode 13: Only 3 ideal matches allowed, who will be replaced?

MTV Splitsvilla X2 season 12 full episode 13, what will happen in the MTV Splitsvilla 12 today when the three idle match Ashish Sharma, Piyush and Ahana, Aradhana and Alfez got the news only three ideal matches surviving in the MTV Splitsvilla season 12th so if Priyamvada Kant and Shrey Mittal become ideal match match they will be replacing one of them. Here Ashish and Miesha are safe because they are The Chosen One as well as an ideal match.

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Alfez-Aradhana is 2nd Ideal match of Splitsvilla X2 (12) - 20th September 2019
MTV Splitsvilla 12 Episode 13: Only 3 ideal matches allowed, who will be replaced?

The shocking Revelation by the MTV Splitsvilla X2 host Ranvijay Singh and ID Sunny Leone all the contestants even the ideal matches for shock and their thought like now they are in danger because if someone replaces them they will no longer be the ideal match and they will be directly go the Dome session for the next elimination round.

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In this special report by the MTV Splitsvilla X2 reporter we will be soon be seeing Arshiya as a wild card entry who will be performing a dance performance in the Villa with her connection Piyush Sharma who is already ideal match with Ahana Sharma now let’s see whose heart is going to break when Arshiya is going to enter as an wild card entrant in the next episode of The MTV Splitsvilla 12 season X2 2019.

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