Piyush & Aahna Ideal Match, Splitsvilla X2 8th November 2019 Episode 10

Mtv Splitsvilla X2 Season 12 episode 10 watch online, download hd mp4 written updates. As there was the fight going on to be chosen in the previous episode, episode 9 here Ashish and Miesha remain to be the chosen still in the villa. Here in then dome session as Ashish bhatia and Miesha iyer became the chosen one again now their powers have been also got doubled as now they had power to eliminate not just one but two contestants from the villa.

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After it was revealed that Miesha Iyer and Ashish Bhatia are going to take two names whose journey on the mtv splitsvilla 12 will be ended, so here Aahna Sharma pitched for her and piyush sharma.

Piyush & Aahna Ideal Match, Splitsvilla X2 18th October 2019 Episode 10
Piyush & Aahna Ideal Match, Splitsvilla X2 18th October 2019 Episode 10

But Chosen one took the name of Aahna Sharma and Piyush Sharma will be eliminated from the show today and they got sad face as they were knowing this is surely going to happen.

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The Piyush – Ashish rivalry is going on from the start of the episode and it’s going on, because of there rivalry first Arshiya was eliminated and now Aahna. Once they were leaving Rannvijay said that oracle has a message that if Piyush and Aahna are the ideal match they will not be eliminated from the show.

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Aahna Sharma and Piyush became the new ideal match of the mtv splitsvilla 12 in episode 10 of Mtv splitsvilla 12. Stay tuned for the more updates related to the Mtv Splitsvilla X2.