Splitsvilla X2 (12) Uday – Bhavya are New Chosen one

Mtv Splitsvilla X2 27th December 2019 Episode 21 written updates, watch online download hd mp4 videos. Did you missed today’s exciting episode of splitsvilla 12 then don’t worry we have you covered as here you can get all the updates – written updates, telly updates anytime and anywhere. The most surprising news of this episode is the new chosen one in the villa and they have the power to eliminate one from the villa and that will be the last elimination from the mtv splitsvilla x2 season 12. The couple pageant task was very funny and astonishing.

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Mtv Splitsvilla X2 27th December 2019, who is couple pageant winner?
Mtv Splitsvilla X2 27th December 2019, who is couple pageant winner?

Rannvijay Singha was surprised seeing the performance of Bhavya and Uday as they stole the stage by the funny act. Mtv splitsvilla 12, splitsvilla 12 27 december, splitsvilla 12 27th december 2019 voot, splitsvilla 12 watch online, splitsvilla X2, splitsvilla x2 27th december check online, splitsvilla x2 27th december watch online part 1, splitsvilla x2 act performance, splitsvilla x2 ramp walk, splitsvilla x2 telly update, splitsvilla x2 watch online, splitsvilla X2 winner, splitsvilla x2 written update, who is couple pageant winner? – The winner for today’s task couple pageant is Uday Singh and Bhavya Sharma.

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Being a new chosen one of the mtv splitsvilla x2 season 12 Bhavya and Uday will dump Piyush Sharma and Arshiya Arshi in the next episode 22 of the Mtv Splitsvilla X2 3rd January 2019.

Stay tuned for the updates related to the Mtv splitsvilla x2 written updates, semi-finale task and winner of Mtv splitsvilla 12.