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Splitsvilla 12: Ashish -Miesha lost their chosen one power

MTV Splitsvilla X2 Season 12 Episode 21 – 27th December 2019 Watch online, download HD, Splitsvilla X2 3rd January 2019 Episode 22 written updates and telly updates of full episode 21. In the Couple pageant task, all the five couples Ashish Bhatia – Miesha Iyer, Priyamvada Kant – Shrey Mittal, Piyush Sharma – Arshiya Arshi, Bhavya – Uday Singh and Soundarya Thakur – Sambhav performed very well to compete and win the couple pageant task. In this couple pageant, Uday and Bhavya got an upper hand as Bhavya performed the impressions of the other contestants very well.

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Splitsvilla 12: Ashish -Miesha lost their chosen one power
Splitsvilla 12: Ashish -Miesha lost their chosen one power

Bhavya was so good that even sunny leone asked her to do her impressions and then she did the mimic very well. This was the reason why Bhavy and Uday got the highest marks in the game. When the winner was announced as already Rannvijay said that the winner will be saved from the elimination this week but if the winner is the ideal match then they will become an ideal match for the next dome session.

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So, here how Miesha Iyer – Ashish Bhatia lost their chosen one power and then they gave this position to the Uday and Bhavya sharma. In the dome session it would be interesting as there are lots of enemies of Bhavya Sharma – this time Piyush and Arshiya are going to be eliminated from the show.

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