Splitsvilla 12: Ankush Rampal thrown out of show 8th Nov, 2019

MTV Splitsvilla 12 episode 13 latest news updates. MTV Splitsvilla X2 contestant Ankush Rampal was evicted from the show on 8th November 2019 by the host and Roadies Guru Ranvijay Singh as two girls in the Villa complaint against a guy who made them uncomfortable by his action or by his word. In the Dome session when everything was going fine and funny Shrey and Priyamvada who are the new cute couple of the Splitsvilla X2 have something to share with the Rannvijay Singh and Sunny Leone.

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Mtv Splitsvilla 12: 4th October 2019, Jinal breaks up with Shrey Mittal
Mtv Splitsvilla 12: 4th October 2019, Jinal breaks up with Shrey Mittal

Shreya Mittal said to Rannvijay singha and Sunny Leone that every boy should respect a girl and should have a courtesy to not comment on their body or something in a bad way which could make them uncomfortable. Hearing this much Rannvijay Singh said who did this dant Priyamvada Kant continued saying that Ankush Rampal has made her uncomfortable then hridya contestant also pointed having that was the Ankush saying that she also not feel comfortable and safe around him.

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This was enough for Rannvijay Singh so he said like Ankush Rampal this is not a place for you and you should go out of the show right now and in this way Ankush Rampal was kicked out from the MTV Splitsvilla X2 season 12. Stay tuned for the more updates today today MTV Splitsvilla X2 2019.