Mtv Splitsvilla 12: Ankush forgets words in front of Sunny Leone

Splitsvilla 12 Bae Watch: which girl gives their heart to which boy?

Mtv Splitsvilla X2 Episode 12 Bae watch updates: In this task, all the contestants got a chance to get a to more about each other. All the boys did something to impress girls like sing a song, dance, rap, backflip, pushup & Shayari. When it was the turn for Uday he did a backflip which caught eyes of all the girls in the villa. Then Uday got heart from Hridya and Priyamvada. Priyamvada kant has not found the guy who is right for her and so wanted to know more about Uday. Other guys also got hearts from the fellow girls.

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Ahana gave her heart to Ashish Bhatia and Miesha iyer too gave heart to ashish bhatia instead of Anshit which was shocking for the Anshit. Miesha liked Ashish bhatia’s dance moves so here heart was flattered over him and wanted to give him her heart.

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There were top 4 guys who won this task they are:- Ashish Bhatia, Ankush (Lucky one got the heart from Sunny Leone), Piyush sharma and Uday Sachdeva.

The winners of this task four boys got a chance to go on date with two girls. Ashish Bhatia took Aahna Sharma and Miesha Iyer, Uday asked hridya and Alice giri for the date. Piyush went on date with Arshiya and Bhavya Sharma.

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