Splitsvilla 12: Hridya says Priyamvada is being bitchy as she knows about her and Uday

Mtv Splitsvilla 12 is a love game where everyone is on the quest to find a perfect one for themselves, some get he one hey like but some have to fight to get that someone. In the villa right now Hridya and Uday Sachdeva get close to each other they seem to be connected to some extent but in between them Priyamvada Kant is also had feelings for Uday so she tries to get close to him and that why Hridya said that she is being bitchy as she knows about her and Uday Sachdeva.

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Mtv Splitsvilla 12
Mtv Splitsvilla 12

Well in the upcoming episode Hridya tried to be with Uday but they then had a fight which separated them for a while and now they use to perform the task separately. In MTV Splitsvilla 12, some couple breaks just because of some misunderstanding and it has happened with Uday and Hridya.

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Now they are trying to come close to each other and overcome the misunderstandings between them as in the last task Uday performed the task with Hridya. Bhavya revealed that Uday wants to perform with hridya from the day one just because of misunderstanding she was angry on him.