Mtv Splitsvilla 14

Team Five Lovers Vs Team Spartans task winner of splitsvilla 14, X4 Episode 2

Mtv Splitsvilla 14 episode 2 aired on 13th November 2022 watch online, download hd written update of the entire episode of the mtv splitsvilla x4 season 14 you can read here or else you can read it from In episode 2 of the mtv splitsvilla 14 when all the 10 boys were gathered they were told that if you want to meet girls or make you connections the villa. To make the connection in the splitsvilla 14 first boys have to reach fling island where they wigo on a dateate and find the connection they are searching on the show.

Mtv Splitsvilla 14
Mtv Splitsvilla 14

Team Five Lovers Vs Team Spartans task winner

Among the 10 boys Hamid Barkzi, Rishabh Jaiswal, Dhruvin Busa, Honey Kamboj, Kashish Thakur Pundir, Amir Hossein, Joshua Chabra, Justin Cruz, Sohail D, Shivam Sharma – 5 boys formed Team Five Lovers and the other five became team spartans. Spartans is quite a funny name to have on a love show but still this is what they chose on the mtv splitsvilla 14.

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There were multiple tasks among the 10 boys in order to find who is going to win a chance to meet girls on a fling island. Soundous Moufakir, Urfi Javed (Uorfi Javed) Saumya Bhandari, Oviya Darnal, Pema Leilani, Sakshi Dwivedi, Akashlina Chadra, Shrea Prasad, Prakshi Goyal.

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The winner of the boys faceoff were Team Spartans – they won the task when Kashish Thakur was defeated in Arm wrestling by Sohail D.

After winning the challenge all the 5 boys of the Team spartans were ready to go to the fling island to meet the girls and form a connection which would lead to a love relationship in the future. The names of the 5 boys who won the first task of faceoff are Sohail D, Justin Dcruz, Aagaz Akhtar, Joshua Chhabra, Dhruvin Busa. Among these 5 Aagaz was nominated by the team lovers so he lost the chance to go the Island were girls are waiting.

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